The €100K Coca-Cola HBC Sustainability Challenge Terms and Conditions

The €100K Coca-Cola HBC Sustainability Challenge (the Challenge) is launched by CCB Management Services GmbH, a company organized under the laws of Austria and having a place of business at Am Euro Platz 2, 1120 Vienna, Austria (“CCBMS“) on behalf of Coca-Cola HBC AG, a Swiss company (collectively, “CCH Group” and each separately “CCH Group Entity”)

The Challenge will be managed and administered by Rainmaking Innovation ApS, a company organized under the laws of Denmark, having its principal place of business in Danneskiold Samsøes Alle 41, 1434 Copenhagen, Denmark (the “Consultant“) acting on behalf and for the CCH Group.

CCBMS, CCH Group and Consultant are being collectively referred-to as the Organizers of the Challenge.

All questions pertaining the Challenge are to be addressed to

Participants acknowledge and agree that the participation to the Challenge is subject to these Terms & Conditions. By submitting the application form, the Participants are deemed to have acknowledged and accepted these Terms & Conditions and the processing of their personal data under clause 29 below.

Purpose of the Challenge.

The purpose of the Challenge is to identify startups active in the area of packaging recovery and primary and secondary sustainable packaging.

The best proposed solution to the Challenge will receive a monetary prize of 100,000 euros which will be awarded and paid by Coca-Cola HBC.

There is no fee for participation in the Challenge. However, unless otherwise indicated herein below, participants shall bear their own participation costs.

Each startup may only submit one entry in the Challenge.

Submission and Selection process

1. Any startup may apply and post submissions to participate in the Challenge, through the  website under Startups based in Russia must fill-in a word doc form, as described in the website and send it by email to

2. Submissions must be filed online through the platform and for startups based in Russia only by email sent to between January 17 and February 18, 2022, as may be extended. No late entries will be accepted.

3. Selection will be done at the Organizers’ absolute discretion. No appeal process is envisaged or warranted. Top twenty entries will advance to the next step of the Challenge.

4. After February 18, 2022 the top twenty entries selected shall be invited to an on-line screening interview by the Organizers, upon which ten participants shall be selected at the Organizer’s absolute discretion.

5. On March 8, 2022 a virtual Selection Day Workshop may be organized, during which the ten participants will be invited to pitch. Three to five finalists will be selected by the Organizers.

6. Between March 28, 2022 and March 30, 2022 finalists may be invited to participate in a Demo Day.

7. Failure of a selected entity, a semi-finalist or a finalist to appear at any stage of the Challenge, entitles the Organizers to select a replacement at their absolute discretion and at any time.

8. Submissions must be the original work solely of the participating startup. By entering the Challenge, each participating startup team member represents and warrants to the Organizers, that she or he has all right, title and/or interest in the ideas submitted, the startup, and business plan, and that by submitting an entry to the Challenge she or he is not and will not be violating any contract or third party rights, including but not limited to any patent, copyright, trade secret, trademark, publicity or privacy right, or disclosing any proprietary or confidential information of another person or entity.

9. The Organizers reserve the right to disqualify at any time any submission that in their judgment violates the letter or the spirit of the Challenge, its terms, processes or rules. Any participating team or participating team member or startup found to have engaged in criminal, illegal or immoral activities, or any activity that may adversely affect the image of the CCH Group, will be disqualified. The decisions of the Organizers are final and in the absolute discretion of the CCH Group. Any violation of these rules will disqualify a participating team from the Challenge and result in forfeiture of any prize or benefit awarded to the participating team.

10. Prior to submitting an entry, participating startups and teams are urged to take all necessary steps to ensure adequate protection of any intellectual property described in their submission (i.e. appropriate intellectual property filings, patent and copyright notices, etc.).

11. Any content included in the submissions (including the identities of the participating team members, the short-written description of the startup, and other material) will be shared by the Organizers for any Challenge or publicity related purpose. The participants acknowledge that any material submitted as part of the Challenge, will be presented in an open process, as per these Terms and Conditions.

12. Materials submitted to the Challenge become the property of CCBMS and the CCH Group and will not be returned to the participants.

13. The Organizers bear no responsibility if, for reasons beyond the scope of their control (including but not limited to force majeure, technical problems, no network coverage, network overload, network disconnection, incorrect application filing) or for reasons beyond the scope of control of any third party who will transfer the files a) the upload of the submissions, including the videos delays or fails, b) the platform is not available to the participants, for any period of time, c) the retained records of the platform are destroyed partially or completely, and the Organizers are relieved without penalty from any obligation that may arise under the Challenge.

14. The Organizers retain the right to annul, postpone, cancel or amend the Challenge for any reason whatsoever, without prior notification to the participants. The Organizers and CCBMS and the CCH Group, in particular, bear no responsibility whatsoever for any such annulment, postponement, cancellation or amendment. However, in the event of annulment, postponement, cancellation or amendment, the Organizers shall make reasonable, good faith efforts to notify participants as early as practically feasible.

Participants’ obligations and warranties

15. Throughout the duration of the Challenge, participating startups must not be associated to a competitor of CCBMS and/or the CCH Group, including any other company involved in the field of production, bottling, distribution, sale of sparkling, juice, water, soft drinks and beverages, sport, energy, plant-based, ready-to-drink tea, coffee, adult sparkling, snacks and premium spirits categories.

16. Participants and participant team members agree that they will not use the name Coca-Cola, the Coca-Cola trademarks and logos or any variation, adaptation, or abbreviation thereof, in any advertising or publicity without the written permission of CCBMS.

17. Participants agree that, if selected among the finalists, they will be available to be physically present and present their submission during the Demo Day, if it is held live. Travel, accommodation, and costs related to the finalists’ participation in the Demo Day will be covered by the CCH Group. Should the Demo Day take place virtually, finalists agree to present their submission at the time and in the manner to be determined by CCBMS. Finalists should be prepared to participate in coaching sessions with the Organizers for the purpose of the preparation of their presentations during the Demo Day.

18. Selection of the best proposed solution will be at the discretion of the CCH Group and will take place by means of a voting process among the Demo Day participants.

19. The best proposed solution to the Challenge will be awarded by CCBMS the 100.000 euros prize.

20. For a period of 3 years after the Challenge, the best proposed solution to the Challenge may mention the prize in all its communications, posts, website, social media posts and other material in a manner to be determined by CCBMS and the CCH Group.

21. The participating teams and startups hereby grant to CCBMS and the CCH Group a non-exclusive, irrevocable, worldwide license to reproduce and share submissions as well as any work conducted during any portion of the Challenge by any means available for any Challenge or publicity related purpose.

22. Participants agree that pitch videos may be uploaded to the CCBMS and the CCH Group’s websites.

23. The Organizers shall be held harmless by each participant or participating team member in the event of legal action involving the participating team or its submission.

24. The Organizers are not responsible in any way for agreements between participating startups or participating startup team members and third parties.


26. Finalists agree to participate in media and press opportunities related to the Challenge. These opportunities include, but are not limited to:

a. Finalists may be asked to provide a short written description that will be made available to media and may be released publicly, either in part or in its entirety.

b. Finalists may be asked to speak to the media for Challenge related interviews when requested by CCBMS and/or the CCH Group.

c. Finalists may be asked to provide quotes and/or content for any Challenge related press releases.

d. Participating in media and press opportunities in no way requires finalists to disclose any proprietary or otherwise confidential information related to their businesses.

27. After the end of the Challenge and the delivery of the prize, any obligation of the Organizers ceases to exist. CCBMS and the CCH Group shall neither have, nor undertake any obligation with regard to the participants.

Data processing and protection

28. CCBMS and the CCH Group are entitled to record, reproduce, fix aspects of the participants’ personality, such as their name, image, voice, statements, excerpts or interviews, scenes / images from videos in any media, as well as to publish, display, transmit and broadcast any of such audio, visual and audiovisual materials in respect of their participation in the Challenge, free of any time, territorial or other restriction and free of any financial burden.

29. Rainmaking, CCBMS and/or the CCH Group shall collect, process and file participants’ personal data (name, e-mail address (e-mail), address, phone numbers, images and video files), which will be processed for the purpose of conducting the Challenge, for the promotion of the Challenge by all media and for contacting participants in view of possible future business purposes. The participants expressly consent to the use of their personal data by CCBMS and the CCH Group, resulting from their participation for the above purposes. Personal data may be transmitted to business partners of CCBMS and the CCH Group for the above purposes. Additional information on the processing of personal data by CCBMS is available in the Privacy Notice of CCBMS available under .

30. Any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection with the Challenge (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England.

31. Any dispute shall be finally settled through arbitration under the LCIA Rules, which are deemed to be incorporated to these T&Cs by reference to this clause. The number of arbitrators shall be three. The seat, or legal place, of the arbitration shall be London. The language to be used in the arbitral proceedings shall be English. The governing law of the arbitration agreement shall be English law.